Aquila Farrell

Email marketing. You have heard about it before. You’ve read hundreds of articles online about how profitable email marketing can be. You have seen the posts on Instagram telling you to build an email list.

But there is one problem. You don’t know where to begin.

Welcome to the ABC’s of Email Marketing. We are starting with the basics.

In 3 short lessons and 3 assignments you will learn how:

  • to add subscribers to your list
  • to build a relationship using email marketing
  • email marketing platform ConvertKit can help you.

Hello My name is Aquila. Call me Quills. I am a biochemist turned blogger turned ConvertKit Coach.

In the past 4 years I have used email marketing to sell more products online, increase traffic to my blog, and build a relationship with my audience.

Email marketing was a tool I used to stop being a distant blogger to becoming a close friend to my followers. I went from selling a few products online to selling hundreds.

Instead of being someone people saw online, I became a resource.

“I want to be a lighthouse to those who are looking for help along their journey. If you need a mentor, I want to be the one you turn to.”

I have sent over 1 million emails using ConvertKit and over 4 million emails for my clients.

How sway? ConvertKit.

Now I want to teach you how to get started with email marketing.

Let’s get to work,

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